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General info and list of exchanges for Metronome (MET)

Metronome About Features Owner's Manual Token Sale Wallet Team Media Kit FAQ Auction Metronome The Built-to-Last Cryptocurrency Self-Governance. Reliability. Portability. Buy Metronome How would you like to buy Metronome? 10See all download optionsor Buy With Your Own Wallet To make a purchase, send ETH to the address below. Make sure the address you use is that one. We recommend copying it or scanning the QR code.
Address 0x9d9BcDd249E439AAaB545F59a33812E39A8e3072
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Bloomberg Coindesk New York Times Reuters Metronome ("Metronome" or "MET") is a new cryptocurrency focused on making greater decentralization possible and delivering institutional-class endurance.
Metronome builds off the lessons learned from previous cryptocurrencies and optimizes for self-governance, long-term reliability, and maximum portability. Built by leading figures in the space and supported by a diverse array of partners and advisors, Metronome is engineered to meet and exceed the high standards of the cryptocurrency community. In developing an enduring cryptocurrency, Metronome is founded on three key design principles:
SELF-GOVERNANCE with no undue influence from founders after initial launch and public access — contract governance starts at launch.
RELIABILITY and predictability where issuance and supply are immutable
PORTABILITY to enable maximum decentralization, even across different blockchains
As the first cryptocurrency capable of being exported and imported across chains, Metronome will be initially issued on Ethereum with Ethereum Classic, Rootstock on Bitcoin, and Qtum support expected to follow. Such portability will allow users to select the chain that suits their requirements for management and security, or even upgrade the MET contract if needed. Metronome's main goal is to be a built to last cryptocurrency, and portability furthers this goal by freeing Metronome from the fate of any one chain.
Metronome will not be controlled by any party after launch—not even its authors—as it is completely autonomous. Metronome authors plan to continue to help by building an ongoing open-source community to support developers and users, but Metronome authors will have no access or control after the initial auction.
Receive the latest updates from Metronome: Email Address
Owners Manual Like with any other asset or technology, it's important for users to know how Metronome works—the Owner's Manual , along with the documents and information referenced therein, is required reading for any Metronome owner.
Token Sale Terms Metronome will be offered to the public via an autonomous descending price auction. Its authors will receive a one-time retention of 20% (2 million) of the initial MET supply. 100% of the proceeds from the initial auction will be used to provide long term support for the community. The initial supply auction will last up to 7 days. After 7 days or when all MET in the initial supply are sold, the auction will end.
Pie Chart Auction Proceeds Pie Chart Timeline
03.01.2017 Metronome idea 05.24.2017 Partnership with New Alchemy formed 08.01.2017 Smart contract development begins 10.24.2017 Metronome website and Owner's Manual published June 2018 Metronome Initial Supply Auction Q3 2018 First cross-chain launch on ETC Team A project as advanced and ambitious as Metronome requires known, proven talent and leadership in cryptocurrencies—people who uniquely understand the engineering and marketplace challenges.
Jeff Garzik Jeff Garzik CEO & Co-Founder / Chief Designer
Matthew Roszak Matthew Roszak Chairman & Co-Founder
Peter Vessenes Peter Vessenes Chief Cryptographer
Ryan Condron Ryan Condron Principal Engineer
Troy Benjegerdes Troy Benjegerdes Principal Engineer
Jordan Kruger Jordan Kruger Data Scientist
Gabriel Montes Gabriel Montes Engineering Lead
Pablo Enrici Pablo Enrici Software Engineer
Ignacio Anaya Ignacio Anaya Software Engineer
Jaclyn Kramer Jaclyn Kramer Marketing
Dariusz Jakubowski Dariusz Jakubowski Community Advocate
Steve Beauregard Steve Beauregard Partnerships
Ted Parvu Ted Parvu Infrastructure
Matt Lam Matt Lam Blockchain Strategist
Iwona Zdanowicz Iwona Zdanowicz Administrative
Advisors Gustav Simonsson Gustav Simonsson Orchid Labs Co-founder & Former Ethereum Core Dev
Jim Newsome Jim Newsome Delta Strategy & Former CFTC Chairman
Don Tapscott Don Tapscott Blockchain Research Institute
Vinny Lingham Vinny Lingham Civic
Don Wilson Don Wilson DRW
William Mougayar William Mougayar Token Summit
Strategic Advisors
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