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Seeking interview suggestions for Steppin' off the Edge Podcast episode about Bitcoins.

The request: Suggestions for people who would you would like to hear talk about the history of, philosophy behind and future possibilities for Bitcoins. There would be a few questions about the technology behind mining as an introduction, but more focus likely to be on how the future potential of this digital currency could be a positive / democratizing force.
The Website:
The tagline / pitch: "The Steppin' off the Edge podcast seeks to highlight people and projects which are actively demonstrating that humanity can life in harmony with our habitat and that co-operation makes more sense than competition. The podcast has 3 broad philosophical pillars centered around sustainability, education, technology and individuals or organizations who are combining those practices in unique ways to make the world a better place.
A previous episode Sacred Earthonomics with Charles Eisenstein did cover a lot of the primary details around money, currency, etc and the problems with our current debt-based structure. Didn't touch on Bitcoin that I recall.
Current podcasts I've listened to as primers:
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Reuben Grinberg; Bitcoin is a digital, decentralized, partially anonymous currency, not backed by any government or other legal entity, and not redeemable for gold or other commodity. It relies on ... All content in this area was uploaded by Reuben Grinberg on Jun 25, 2015 . Content may be subject to copyright. G RINBERG 110. DOCX (D O N OT D ELETE) 11/11/2011 12:31 PM [159] Bitcoin: An ... Grinberg, Reuben. “Bitcoin: An Innovative Alternative Digital Currency.”Hastings Science & Technology Law Journal 4 (2011): 160-210. has been cited by the following article: Article . Determinants of Bitcoin Expected Returns. Frederick Adjei 1, 1 Economics and Finance Department, Southeast Missouri State University, One University Plaza, Cape Girardeau. Journal of Finance and Economics ... 23 Nikolei M Kaplanov, ‘Nerdy money: Bitcoin, the private digital currency, and the case against its regulation’ (2012) 25 Loy. Consumer L. Rev. 111, 118. 24 Reuben Grinberg, ‘Bitcoin: An innovative alternative digital currency’ (2012) 4 Hastings Sci. & Tech. L.J. 159, 165. 1. Introduction. Bitcoin has risen in importance as an electronic payment system or pseudo-currency, and also as a speculative asset. Due to the nature and limitations of the mining technology, the market microstructure, and the seemingly irrational investor interest in Bitcoin, expected returns may be determined by non-traditional variables.. Particularly, mining technology parameters may be ...

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